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We’re all committed to successful surgical outcomes, and the largest non-sponsored study published to date on retained surgical sponges shows that the SurgiCount Safety-Sponge System helps you achieve that.2 As your safety net, it digitally verifies removal of each uniquely-coded sponge in real time and provides permanent, robust reports to back up your work.

Surgicount Safety-Sponge System

Accountable from start to finish

Since 2009, more than 550+ U.S. healthcare facilities have trusted the SurgiCount Safety-Sponge System, using 200 million of our sponges in 11 million procedures with zero retained surgical sponges. With real-time accounting of each sponge and explicit identification of any still outstanding, it will safeguard your success.

  • Mayo Clinic: the SurgiCount System reduced retained sponge occurrence from an average of every 64 days to zero.2

  • “The datamatrix-coded sponge system is a reliable and cost-effective technology that improves patient safety.”2

    Robert Cima, M.D., M.A., Mayo Clinic 

    “Using a Data-Matrix-Coded Sponge Counting System Across a Surgical Practice: Impact After 18 Months.”
    The Joint Commission Journal on Quality and Patient Safety, Volume 37, Number 2, Feb 2011:51-58.
  • Mayo Clinic study, “Using a Data-Matrix-Coded Sponge Counting System”

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